A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have.
Thomas Jefferson
Steve Vaughn
House Representative-District 37
Ponca Citian Announces Representative Candidacy
A Ponca City resident, Steve Vaughan, is announcing as a conservative candidate for the Oklahoma House of Representatives in District 37. For the last 26 years Vaughan has been a licensed registered representative for Thrivent Financial. As an investment, securities and insurance advisor Steve and his son Steven, developed and own the Buffalo Waller Ranch hunting preserve.

Vaughan says, "I want to re-establish conservative representation here in House District 37. My faith and my Christian values are my foundation. I believe these will be important and valuable assets as we make the hard decisions facing us as a community and a state. As a conservative, I believe in less government and lower taxes for businesses and individuals. I believe we need greater accountability and personal responsibility at every level of government. I believe in a strong military protecting our country. And as someone who loves to hunt and fish, I am a strong believer in our Second Amendment rights, as guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

"Lastly, preserving the sanctity of human life for the unborn and the God-given right to life is a major focus for my thoughts and prayers. There are so many issues facing our country today. Now, more than ever, we need elected representatives with backbone. It is very important to me to protect Oklahoma by strengthening our state's rights against federal aggression."

Vaughan says, "Economic development in Kay and Osage Counties will also be at the top of my agenda. We must work to attract new business and jobs to the Ponca City area. I am tired of seeing friends and families be uprooted and move away because the jobs and opportunities are leaving Ponca City."

He said, "We live in a wonderful area with great churches and schools and affordable cost of living. We are good, honest, hardworking people. Companies need to see that and relocate here instead of moving away. We are proud Oklahomans and our actions can be shining examples to other people and states.Finally, I believe that, even in the state Legislature, we can help bring back what was once known as the greatest nation in the world: this, our United States of America."

The Kay County Tea Party does not endorse any certain person running for office but we do make them available to the district so everyone can see who is running.

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